For the past 30 years, Dubosc and its executives have stood out in the field of specialized industrial and commercial construction. Our main area of expertise is that of industrial processes (food processing and other processes). Such projects have to meet very specific and crucial requirements. Whether to guarantee a sterile environment, move a production line, organize a cleanroom system, or any other technical need, Dubosc works with the production teams and engineers every step of the way to ensure that the project do not compromise the daily productivity of your business.

Dubosc’s experience in past projects has provided added value through greater on-site efficiency, shorter lead times and reduced construction costs.


If you wish to work closely with an experienced business that will track your project’s progress, and remain within your budget and schedule, you will be thrilled to work with our dedicated team.

1. Fixed Price

Dubosc can fine-tune a submission based on the plans provided by your experts.

2. Design-Build and Turn-Key Projects

Dubosc favours a turn-key approach since it allows swift, smooth-running projects and offers our clients peace of mind. With this model, the client works with a single supplier, which is ideal for those who have limited time to invest. The price is fixed and all-inclusive, with the guarantee that budgets and deadlines will be respected.

3. Construction Management

This management model starts right from the pre-construction phase. It is the perfect choice for clients who wish to participate throughout the project, from design to architecture, including the preparation of plans and technical specifications. Dubosc works in partnership with the client to establish a budget and approve every step of the project. Payment can take many forms: fixed fee; percentage rate; guaranteed maximum budget.

The great advantage of this model is that projects can start more quickly.

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Contact our team for any inquiry. We will be happy to assist you in your projects, from the simplest to the most challenging.

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